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WIFI Thermostat Cloudwarm

CALOMA can be remotely controlled through the Cloudwarm device. It can be easily used manually, or through application for Android and iOS.

With this simple, intuitive app, you have access to your boiler and operation data on your tablet, smartphone and portable PC.

Cloudwarm keeps you permanently informed about the status of the boiler and all operation parameters and errors, via OpenTherm protocol. Moreover, you can modify parameters through the app, and even reset some errors.

Multiple Users

The Cloudwarm thermostat can be controlled by multiple users who have the application installed.


By means of this smart thermostat you can achieve up to 20% energy savings.


The device can be controlled from any smartphone or tablet with Internet acces, from anywhere in the world.


Through the Cloudwarm application, you can control multiple devices (home, office, etc.)


CALOMA Comfort Technologies

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